If you’re interested in tips you can take home with you to handle minor issues with your horse, you’ve come to the right place.
The EBEC training method can’t be reduced to a round pen approach. The key to establishing a harmonious working relationship between human and horse is the mutual encoding and decoding of gestures and signals.
Studies have shown that running a horse in circles without a specific plan can be counterproductive and can frighten the horse. However, if you assume a horse-centric perspective, the opportunity for interspecific communication can lead to trust.

Our one-day seminar will provide you with an introduction to the EBEC approach and teach you the differences between intra- and interspecific communication, as well as how these can be applied. You’ll also expand your knowledge of horses in terms of their natural behavior and field of view.
Moreover, we’ll show you how to work with a double longe line. Through a number of practical examples, you’ll learn how to take what you’ve learned and apply it in your day-to-day interaction and training with horses.
Finally, a live demonstration will illustrate the use of interspecific communication opportunities between humans and horses.

In addition to an extensive Q&A session, this seminar will also provide an opportunity to learn more about our training course program and the process to become a certified equine coach.

Our one-day seminar costs $85. The price for students and apprentices is $80.

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