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I would like to share some information about my career and the resulting motivation to create AKA with you.

I have been involved with horses since my childhood days and was a traditional rider- leisure, hunting, jumping, dressage and polo. When I travelled to California in 1999 to visit the rising horse whisperer Monty Roberts, he made the claim, like many others in the industry of Natural Horsemanship, that horses have a communication system with which you can get in touch with them. Monty Roberts had developed his own approach and was firmly anchored in it. I, with my strong forward-thinking nature, quickly realized that much of what seemed to be meaningful and logical from a human perspective could certainly be interpreted differently from the horse’s perspective.

As a convinced devotee of horse whispering at that time, I realized that in view of the emerging competition of the individual disciplines and experts among each other, we needed certainty in our approach with horses and their education opportunities in training. I realized it should be made possible by scientific results and studies from the perspective of the horse. Up to that time most of the people (including myself) were trained in the horse industry, where they worked in stables, riding schools, rode or worked as trainees. Training on the horse was dependent on the approach, character, tradition, and history of the individual company. It began a process that could take years and was dependent on the riding instructors, stable masters or care takers active there, which was not necessarily negative, but often contradictory. Due to the growing need of horse owners in the modern stables of today, to find dedicated and competent horse specialists who can handle horses and humans equally harmoniously and develop circumstances. I understood that we needed a training and communication method to present day. Horses are motivated to excellence and that is teachable.

That could only ensure scientific work. I devoted myself to this with heart, body and soul from 2003-2010 and put my career as a TV star and bestselling author in the background. Interlocutors were now primarily international universities worldwide, which dealt with the topic of a horse. This was the birth of EBEC.

In the second step, the development of an excellent, modern, didactic concept was necessary to make EBEC teachable, so that this knowledge can find its way to every horse owner worldwide. The hope was to have horses of any discipline be trained by uniformly trained horse specialists. During the development of EBEC, I passed on my stage knowledge to thousands of people who felt the need for a better understanding and a reduction of misunderstandings between humans and horses. They all influenced the development of today’s AKA, the world’s leading educational institution for equestrians and equine coaches. Our equine coaches are able to train horses effectively and harmoniously with EBEC from a horse-centered perspective, today and in the future – while at the same time they have excellent coaching abilities towards horse owners.

The Andrea Kutsch Academy represents the high-quality training and communication technology EBEC (Evidence Based Equine Communication) and the training as Equine Coach and Equine Master Coach with a modern course structure and learning organization.

We combine the practical work on the horse with psychological and pedagogical contents as well as with the science of the horse and thereby create a transfer into our daily work. Through a concrete, clearly comprehensible procedure, and verifiable knowledge we gain the approval for an efficient and harmonious cooperation between a human and a horse.

To our participants and graduates, we commit to providing a solid foundation in dealing with EBEC, which, when applied properly, will guarantee a 100% training success on the horse. We continue to develop EBEC on the basis of new studies and in annual congresses. Our equine coaches always have the latest knowledge of the internal relationships and handling processes of the horses.

We combine our respect for traditional and classic approaches with openness to science and technological progress. This openness enables a contemporary form of teaching and learning organization via online webinars – among other things in combination with online media such as YouTube. Practical work on the horse is also a big part of this touching and passionate work.

The AKA stands for professionalism and high quality standards. All of our seminar participants, graduates, and Equine Coaches benefit – and above all the horses.

Become a Part of the modern world of horses.


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