Andrea Kutsch: Science in Horse education gives you safety

President, CEO and scientific Director

„To design a scientifically based training technique as a further development of my activity as a horse whisperer was an exhausting and exciting work. Now to convey the result – EBEC – and to observe the development of the learners, that is just pure joy and pure happiness.“ – Andrea Kutsch

That’s what other say about the horse trainer Andrea Kutsch

Andrea Kutsch has achieved what many horse-loving people dream of: She has put her findings about the non-violent use of horses with EBEC on a scientifically proven basis. The horse trainer is known in Germany and beyond the national borders as an outstanding competence in equine horse training. It inspires and unites people who pursue the same goals and priorities.

The bestselling author, who has developed the training method “Evidence-Based Equine Communication ™” with the help of numerous studies in veterinary medicine, behavioral science and psychology, lectures, organizes seminars and courses that can lead to the completion of a certified Equine Coach of AKA. With her range of services, Andrea Kutsch offers horse lovers, riders, and horse trainers the opportunity to better understand their horses by providing extensive and unique knowledge with empathy. All content was developed in collaboration with professional trainers, riders, breeders, university professors, psychologists and coaches.

Andrea Kutsch is positive and authentic; you can see her enjoying the work skipping by the people and horses she works with. Andrea’s immense knowledge about the instinctive, neurobiological, psychological, as well as conditioned behaviors of the horses, her found studies and research work resulting in the method “EBEC”. Which gladly passes the horse trainer on to prospective customers – practical, happy, and in any case success-oriented.

Andrea Kutsch about herself

Born in Frankfurt am Main, grew up in Bad Homburg v. D., I moved with 19 years in the cosmopolitan Hamburg, which I see today as my home. In the meantime, I am privately a residented in the US in beautiful California and feel quite German-American. American influence helps to develop EBEC into a global brand. Making the AKA learning program available in English is a logical consequence of the globalization of our globally unique brand.

At the age of 6, my parents had already given me my first pony. I was trained classically in dressage and jumping and in the course of my life I also dealt intensively with other equestrian disciplines. Since the year 2000, I gained strong media attention through my role as a female horse whisperer, especially through my intense collaboration with the American horse whisperer Monty Roberts in the years 1999-2006.

My own path inevitably resulted from my desire to further develop the horse whisper and the resulting scientifically based work that I started in cooperation with international universities. They set the Monty Roberts system in a completely different light. Through pioneering study results, I was able to take a horse-centered perspective for the first time. The goal is to continuously evolve, to understand horses better and better from their perspective, to prepare horses for all forms of use in harmony, peace, and serenity without excitement.

I enjoy working with people who find their way into AKA. It is a beautiful experience and everyone who is part of this unique community is very close to my heart.

Focus areas
Combining appreciative communication and coaching; with the knowledge of a horse on a scientific basis would enable a long-term training opportunity for all certified participants. This is besides the preparation and support of scientific studies with horses my personal focus. I also teach – together with the growing team of AKA – both in the online courses as well as in the practical phases.

Born in Frankfurt am Main
Residence: Hamburg
Hobbies: Wind Surfing, Triathlon, Pilates, Yoga, Reading, Cooking
Education and professional career:
1985-1988 training as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk
1989 Inlingua CIP in English
Since 1973 Rider training and education with well-known horse trainers and international trainers
2001 Certified Trainer in the Monty Roberts method of Horsemanship
2002 Certified Instructor in the Monty Roberts method of Horsemanship
1988-1990 ProKonzept Society for Public Relations in Wiesbaden
Assistant to the management, project management
1990-1992 Springer & Jacoby Advertising Agency, Hamburg
Contact assistance, contact
1992-1994 Professional windsurfer of the international association PBA (Professional Board sailors Association) and the GWSA (German Windsurfers Association)
Best Achievements: 8. of the World Ranking of the PBA in the discipline Slalom, first in the overall ranking of the GWSA in the disciplines Slalom, Course Race and Waveriding
1994-1995 Ayer Public Relations Agency for Public Relations GmbH, Hamburg, PR Consultancy
1995-2000 Foundation of Kutsch-Marktforschungsservice,
Hamburg, agency for quality recruitment, specialization agency for the recruitment of test persons, carrying out international market analyzes.
1997 Award with the Albert Darboven Ideas Award for successful young entrepreneurs, presented by Albert Darboven, Karl-Otto Pöhl and Claudia Nolte.
1999-2003 studied in Solvang, California for the first German instructor and horse trainer in the name of Monty Roberts
2001 Exam and Receipt of the Monty Roberts International Learning Center Award, Solvang, with the First Certificate of the “Introductory Course of Study in the Monty Roberts Method of Horsemanship”
2002 Exam and Receipt of the Monty Roberts International Learning Center Award, Solvang, with the first certificate of the “Instructor Course of Study in the Monty Roberts Method of Horsemanship”
2002 Foundation of the first German Monty Roberts Learning Center
2002-2006 Consultant and owner of the Monty Roberts Learning Center with comprehensive seminar offerings and integrated problem horse training in Alveslohe near Hamburg
Since 2003 From the media known as “The Horse Whisperer” through numerous television documentaries, films and series
2006 Foundation of the own AKA | Andrea Kutsch Academy, Hamburg with a study program of non-violent training of horses, based on scientific research results.
2006 – 2010 Responsible for the restructuring and training of the young horses of the PS Pferdehaltung by Paul Schockemöhle at Gestüt Lewitz.
2008 – 2009 Development of a state-recognized study program and accreditation of a university on behalf of a group of investors and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Zurich.
2009 Preservation of the state recognition of the Ministry of Science of Brandenburg for the “Fachhochschule für Equinologie Bad Saarow GmbH” as well as accreditation of the Bachelor of Science degree program “Horse Communication, Riding and Training Teaching”
Since 2009 Development of the 4th Evolution of Horse Training, the scientifically based and equine-centric training technique EBEC®. Development and establishment of a training program for training as AKA | EQUINE COACH and AKA | EQUINE MASTER COACH
Since 2013 development and establishment of the world’s first training program for the horse industry integrates e-learning and practice on horses.
Since 2014 Certifications of the first AKA | EQUINE COACHES and extension of AKA | TEAMS by coaches of psychology and coaching, physiology and riding with EBEC®
Other activities:
Lecturer of the Vetsuisse Faculty at the University of Zurich, in the curriculum “focus on horses”
Free lance speaker at various universities and educational institutions.
German Veterinary Society, Section “Applied Ethology”, Faculty of Göttingen in the context of livestock science, various breeding associations, guest lecturers of the free University of Berlin, speaker in leadership seminars on “What people can learn from horses”. Bestselling author “Die Pferdeflüsterin erzählt” 2006, Lübbe Verlag, “Die Pferedeflüsterin antwortet”, , Lübbe Verlag, 2018 “Aus vollem Herzen”, Lübbe Verlag.
Special interests:
Problem horse training and scientific work on the further development of modern and non-violent training methods, holistic nutrition.
Andrea Kutsch

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