AUS VOLLEM HERZEN: How I first understood the horses followed by life

Cover Buch Andrea Kutsch Aus vollem HerzenAnyone who still remembers the “horse whisperer” Andrea Kutsch, will be completely and utterly surprised by her new book.

Because Germany’s most famous horse trainer has developed dynamically in recent years and developed on an academic basis, a completely new method of horse training: EBEC.

The reason as to how she started rethinking her theories how she pulled away from the horse whispering and developed EBEC over many years. She describes every detail in here new book.

A new aspect to the book takes a peak into her private life.This portion of the book playes a bigger part than in her last ones. Due to a heavy stroke of fate, this moment opened her eyes and made her realize that life is about understanding other and being understood.

A book that not only inspires horse lovers but also people who are emphatic and are looking for the meaning of life.

The bestseller is in second circulation

The excitement is big. The book sold out fast. The second circulation is in every store so that every bookseller has some of them in stock.

The book has directly re-entered the “Spiegel” bestseller list, this time #20, which will increase the circle of people who will grow to know this book. So if you finally want to read it or are looking for a great gift, do not hesitate too long.

The title oft he book is: „Aus vollem Herzen“, Author: Andrea Kutsch
ISBN: 978-3-431-04113-2

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