EBEC Course – 1. Basic Course:
The start into our professional horse communication

Do you have a lot of experience, little experience or almost no experience with horses and you just want to improve your horse knowledge?

Do you want to improve your communication with horses, solve problems, and misunderstandings on your own?

Do you want to gain more safety in the training with your horse?

Are you done with another course in “horse whispering” or “horsemanship”. Finally want to have “evidence based “facts that works for every horse breed?

Our Basic Course is the best solution to elevate your horse skills to the next level!

The basics to understand horses

Discover a new perspective in handling horses with EBEC – “evidence based equine communication”.

The Basic Course is appealing for beginners as well as horse enthusiasts, who want to expand their knowledge on an evidence based level.

You will get all the basics to a horse centric perspective and will be able to successfully train every horse and breed in all subjects. Such as pleasure riding, dressage, jumping, racehorse riding, event riding, therapy riding as well as a successfully prepping you to breed horses/racehorses. These are only a few examples of fields where you can successfully use your new gained knowledge.

Everyone receives support where it’s needed. We use every participant’s own experience to support the transfer to the practice lessons.

Make the first move to become a successful and professional horse trainer

The whole Basic Course – as all of our AKA courses – is based on an Introductory Block, an Development Block and a Conclusion Block. After every block we will invite you to a four-day practice phase for FREE!

We go through the practice phase to deepen your knowledge in many subjects with copious amounts of exercises with the horse. Our coaches will support you in every aspect and provide valuable tips to use at home.

Highlights in the Introductory Block

  • Get to know the secrets of inter- and intraspecific communication.
  • Learn the “visual field” of a horse; to transfer the information directly to the brain.
  • Find out how horses learn and process information
  • Perform precise exercises to address issues the horse
  • Address the effects of the single lunge
  • Familiarize you with “influence zones” on the horses body
  • Receive individual video analysis with your own recordings
  • Receive professional assistance to better understand theoretical topics
  • You will be asked to do homework and will have eye-opening experiences
  • Enhance your intelligence in communication with the horse
  • Learn about yourself and what process of learning works best for you.

Important fields in the Introductory Blocks consist of how information processes in the minds of a horse, self-analysis, small group exercises, presentations, handouts, and tests. This is step one and two of a seven step training session. The introductory course produces many questions; we make sure we have enough time to answer all of them.

Highlights in the Development Block

In the Development Block you’ll study the EBEC-pyramid intensively and you will capitalize on your  science based knowledge – Continually creating constant eye opening experiences is guaranteed.

  • In-depth learning in previous theories and internalizing how they are used successfully in the horse training
  • Learn why vital signs are so important and how you efficiently utilize them
  • Understand the actions of conscious and unconscious disregard for instinctual behavior from the horse
  • Discover how the reflex mechanism affects a horse when teaching them internal information
  • Analyze footage and learn to recognize details for your self
  • Self-analysis and group work
  • Concentrate on handouts which are given to you
  • Complete knowledge tests
  • Complete step three and four of the seven-step training session
  • Homework helps you read the signals of the horse and most importantly answer with your body language more competently
  • Be prepared to constantly be surprised and happy within your learning process

Highlights in the Conclusion Block

The EBEC pyramid digs deeper and gives you more familiarity in each theory. Capitalizing on horse-centric basics and guidelines, furthermore you’ll be able to handle everything in a more natural way. Once you’ve made it to the Conclusion Block you will have already been paired with an exercise team to practice with. Look forward to learning new lessons.

  • Be able to conduct the positive and negative consequences from a horses point of view
  • Horses will understand your gestures and signals way faster.
  • You won’t need to make as many gestures for a horse to understand you: Welcome to “fine tuning”!
  • Contents in the Development Block get internalized and established. With this knowledge will be able to work more creatively and actively with the horse.
  • Deal with the non-violent and non-verbal communication. You will also assess yourself on “unconscious” messages. Due to the fact that humans are always sending a signal or message to the horse without even knowing it.
  • Interspecific communication with the horse gets smoother and more magical.
  • Work on step five, six, and seven to finish the seven-step training session.
  • Acquire knowledge on self-analysis as well as able to create complex training plans.
  • You’ll get closer to the goals of teaching your horse specific mannerisms no matter what your personal task!

If you decide to become a certified coach, you’ll complete optional preparing exercises for relevant topics in your exam. To finish up the Conclusion Block you’ll receive helpful information with handouts and feedback as well as a Q & A session.

Participation and costs

The participation for the Basic Course Introductory Block costs 950,- $. Students, High School Students and below and Trainees/Apprentices pay 700,- Euro*.

The participation for the Basic Course Development Block costs 1.550,- $. Students, High School Students and below and Trainees/Apprentices pay 1.150,- Euro*.

The participation for the Basic Course Conclusion Block costs 1.900 $,-. Students, High School Students and below and Trainees/Apprentices pay 1.350,- Euro*.

Following every block we will invite you to a four-day practice phase for FREE!

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