The Boot camp is a deep, intensive training that demands full commitment from you as a trainee. It was designed for people who are looking for a faster route to becoming a certified Equine Coach and who want to work professionally with the content learned in AKA. Prerequisites for this speedy work are high readiness to work, learning ability, talent, extraordinary skills in dealing with horses as well as successfully completed soil surfacing test. The boot camps take place in California, USA, where they work with wild Mustangs.

We can learn details of intraspecific communication from wild Mustangs who have never before been touched by a human being whose presence they avoid ,extremely skeptical, and anxious about. The Zoosemiotik distinguishes between different forms of communication of living things. When horses communicate with each other, this is intraspecific communication. When we come into contact with them, observing wild horses and seeing how successful they can decipher and assign gestures and signals to each other, we realize how little pressure and how much clarity we need when riding horses the need and want to communicate successfully. It gives you an excellent understanding of the horse’s behavior in our European stables.

The boot camp is designed for all participants from the end of the ground course. Get detailed information when you’re ready and we can get you started. This is a perfect transfer of science into practice on horseback – a unique experience.

Catch thee AKA spirit. Live the AKA life style. Be an AKA professional.


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