Our boot camp is an immersive, intensive training course that demands full commitment from students. The course is designed for those who want to fast-track their way to certification as an equine coach and start working professionally with the skills they’ve gained from the AKA. In order to participate in this rapid learning process, students must be highly dedicated and possess a superior capacity for learning. Candidates must also be highly skilled with horses and have passed our groundwork course exam. Boot camps are held in California, where the course work is conducted on wild mustangs.

Wild mustangs provide an opportunity to learn the details of intraspecific communication. They’ve never been handled by humans, they avoid being around them, and they are highly suspicious and fearful of them. The field of zoosemiotics distinguishes between different forms of animal communication. When horses communicate among themselves, this is intraspecific communication. When we come into contact with wild horses and see how they successfully decode each other’s gestures and signals in a meaningful way, it becomes clear just how much clarity and how little force is required to communicate with them. It provides incredible insight into the horse behavior we see in stables in Europe.

Our boot camp is designed for students who have completed the groundwork course. More detailed information is made available once the prerequisites have been fulfilled and the student is ready. Science in practice — a complete, one-of-a-kind learning experience.

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