The Andrea Kutsch Academy is the world’s leading educational institution for horse specialists. It represents a high-quality training and communication technology EBEC (Evidence Based Equine Communication) and training as an Equine Coach and Equine Master Coach. Our reputation stands for high quality education, high quality standards, innovation, academic excellence, and professionalism. Our numbers and performance of our horses we train confirm our success.

We combine modern coaching tools with horse skills and convey this bundled knowledge to our graduates. It is a high caliber training that is firmly anchored in anatomy, physiology and scientific principles. The focus of the training is for people who deal with horses. The unique combination of psychological and pedagogical contents with the backing of science; creates a clearly traceable and verifiable approach to a horse. This enables efficient and harmonious cooperation from a human and horse-centric point of view.

Guiding principle

  • The AKA is an educational institution whose goal it is to provide the horse industry with excellently trained equine coaches. The scientifically proven results on the brain, the instincts, and behavior of horses are continuously reviewed and constantly developing. This knowledge is continuously passed on to the graduates in order to live up to the first-class standard of education.
  • AKA preserves the classical repertoire of sports riding disciplines and their good essences, supplementing and enriching them with contemporary scientific knowledge.
  • AKA strives to grow in substance, knowledge, and size. We strive to integrate valuable study results and new knowledge into the existing findings.
  • We pursue the goal that horses and people can interact with each other from their own perspective and feel comfortable in mutual interactions.
  • We respect every human being, regardless of skin color, gender, sexual identity, religion, ethnicity, social background, nationality or age as an enrichment. We gladly accept information in order to continue to develop. EBEC is not only a training technique for horses, it is our lifestyle.

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