The Andrea Kutsch Academy is the world’s leading educational institution for current and aspiring horse professionals. The academy is the representative body of the qualitatively superior EBEC (Evidence Based Equine Communication) training and communication technique and provides training services leading to certification as a professional equine coach or equine master coach. Our reputation stands for first-class training, high quality standards, innovation, academic excellence, and professionalism. The number of students participating in our training program and the performance we see in the horses we train speak to the success of our approach.

We combine modern coaching tools with expert knowledge of horses to provide our students with a comprehensive understanding of horses and horse training. This knowledge is imparted by means of a first-class training program that is anchored in the study of anatomy, physiology and scientific principles. The program’s main focus is designed for people who work with horses. By combining psychological and pedagogical information with equine science, we are able to create a transparent and testable way of interacting with and handling horses. This makes an efficient and harmonious collaboration possible from the perspectives of both human and horse.


  • The AKA is an educational institution tasked with providing the horse industry with highly-trained equine coaches. We are continuously verifying and refining scientific findings on the brain, instincts, and behavior of horses. This information is imparted to our graduates on an ongoing basis in order to maintain the first-class training standards we are known for.
  • The AKA preserves the classical repertoire of equestrian sports and their essence, while supplementing these with modern, science-based knowledge.
  • The AKA is constantly aspiring to grow in size, knowledge and substance. We strive to integrate valuable research findings and new information into our existing understanding of horses and horse training.
  • Our goal is to enable humans and horses to interact with one another, each from their own, natural perspective, and to experience a sense of well-being in doing so.
  • We see each and every person as a valuable addition to our institution, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic or social background, citizenship or age. We are always open to feedback in order to continue improving the services we offer. EBEC isn’t just a training method for horses, it’s our lifestyle.

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