Horse training is something that needs to be continuously refined and developed as new research is published and new findings come to light. Settling for our current level of knowledge is simply not an option. This is one of the primary objectives of the AKA. We see ourselves as a congenial and competent link between the complex research being conducting in the horse industry and hands-on practitioners who work with horses.

A lot has changed and improved — and quickly, at that — since Andrea Kutsch began her collaborative work with scientists and professors in the horse industry and the fields of biology, behavioral science, agricultural science and veterinary medicine to develop a horse-centric approach to handling horses.

Nowadays people from all over the world show great interest in the AKA’s work in translating scientific findings into practical, hands-on training for horses, as well as in our ability to convey these findings to the average horse person in an understandable fashion. And this is precisely what we see as being our core competency.

We conduct comparisons of scientific findings, refine and develop these further, create profiles of our own in collaboration with universities, undergraduate students and graduate students, and share this information with our certified equine coaches and equine master coaches at our annual conference. This is how we keep our equine coach certifications on the cutting edge year after year. The last thing we want is to end up as a traditional institution that relies on archaic models for its approach to training. For this reason, attending this wonderful annual conference is required of all students pursuing certification as an equine coach.

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