Our course program is designed to provide horse enthusiasts and current and aspiring horse professionals with a solid foundation for horse training.

The AKA boasts an extremely high-quality training program that is the result of 15 years of development. Today, you too can benefit from our vast experience and high quality standards.

This growing movement, designed to improve how one interacts with and handles horses, boasts a network of equine coaches from all around the world. They are able to provide answers to questions that naturally arise as a result of establishing relationships with these fascinating creatures.

The course program’s progressive blocks are fine-tuned to give each and every potential horse trainer and aspiring equine coach the opportunity to bring out the best in themselves. Graduates of the course program are supported by an excellent team committed to the goal helping them achieve success.

The course contents are scientific, transparent and truly one of a kind. These are designed to not only make harmonious, science-based horse training understandable, but also to enable you to apply these techniques to horses yourself and even teach them to others. This training program opens the door to a career in the modern world of horses for those aspiring to work professionally in the horse industry.

The training course program consists of four progressive courses: The Basic Course, the Groundwork Course, Training Course I (Course II is optional), and the Phobia Course. The individual blocks: Introductory Block, development block, and intensification block (these can booked one after the other).


Courses contain six theory modules. Each of the three course blocks consists of two theory modules, which can be completed remotely in our webinars. Each block can be followed with a free, multi-day practical phase at one of our AKA locations. If you miss a theory module, you can make it up later free of charge. For didactic reasons, the theory modules have to be taken in a specific order.

The process of becoming an experienced horse trainer and coach is different for everyone. Here at the AKA, we strive to allow each of our students to advance at a pace which is appropriate for them.
Our goal is to develop excellence in each and every person, no matter how long it takes. Graduates of the course program are free to repeat any and all parts of the certification exam in order to successfully achieve the requisite standards for becoming an equine coach. Additional costs, however, may be incurred as a result.

If you’re curious about becoming an equine coach, you can find more information in our individual course descriptions. We’ll also be more than happy to arrange a personal consultation call with you to help you find the program that’s right for you. We look forward to hearing from you. Insert US Phone.

The training blocks cost $1500. The price for students and apprentices is $1350.

Catch the AKA spirit. Live the AKA lifestyle. Be an AKA professional.


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