Course 1:
Your entry point to science based communication possibilities with horses

You are somehow connected to horses? It doesn’t matter if it is your hobby or if you are a professional trainer or riding instructor. You want to gain knowledge and do it right for your horse: Welcome home, welcome to the AKA family: The EBEC Program is made for you.

It is irrelevant if you have a lot of experience with horses or none to join our unique educational program. We have evidence based information from your horse for you, which you should be informed about.

You are either competing in equestrian sports or you would love to get there. You want to be successful and be sure that you make the best moves for your horse. You want to always reach the horses perspective, be safe and get the best out of your horses. You are looking for a real certified riding instructor or trainer, especially for your German bred Warmblood or Thoroughbred Horses, mainly used for Pleasure Riding, Jumping, Dressage and Eventing. You found a unique education and certification program in the USA, born in our own equestrian university in Germany, scientifically proven among others in the biggest horse breeding facility  Stud Lewitz and Hof Kasselmann.

The EBEC Course 1 will help you to understand how Communication between horses and humans is truly working. The results of our behavioral science will help you to prevent misunderstandings caused by nonverbal communication. It will also help you to avoid stressful situations for your horse, often caused in the use of Round Pen techniques.

If you are a fan of natural horsemanship or horse whispering, there is no need to abandon all principles you where told, but we will clarify what’s a keeper and what needs to be replaced, so your horse will have the best chances to offer the right responses to your signals without ever experiencing stress or fear. You will be able to read a horses fear or stress respond instantly with the support of our horse ethogram. You gonna be amazed how little is needed to confuse a horses mind and how easy it is to be precise.

If you are working with a professional classical or english riding instructor and trainer, there is no need to change your team. Both of you will gain impressive knowledge to be a better partner for your horse and get facts to prevent or solve problem behavior. EBEC can be used for every horse, every equestrian discipline. You and your team will benefit from the knowledge we provide for you.

Course 1 is the perfect foundation.

Fundamental Equestrian Knowledge

Discover a new perspective from the horses point of view and gain confidence when communicating with horses.

Evidence Based Equine Communication doesn’t only include facts about horses based on studies made with thousands of horses to make sure that it is working with every horse, regardless of breed, intelligence or the equestrian usage. It also covers how you bring yourself into the position to get evidence from your horses in training so that they understand what you want them to do.

With EBEC they learn quickly what your signals mean and what your desired behavioral response might be. That is key, especially when riding a horse. And as well, when starting young horses and teach them the foundation they need for their whole career as a riding horse. It is very complex what we want them to do and we have been looking deeply into horse brain science, behavioral science as well as the learning theories. In dressage, in jumping, they need to give the appropriate body move to a little change in your leg or hip or hands. EBEC will bring out the best potential your horses have to offer.

In this Course 1 you will learn about communication with horses in order to move towards important and finest training principles.

All courses follow the same structure: You join 6 Live Online Training sessions at home & a 3 days practical hands on horses event with the AKA Team in a horse facility. You can bring your horse if you like to, also problem horses are welcome.

Your self awareness, your communication skills with horses and your understanding for stimulus and response behavior will improve greatly. You can for video analysis which are included work with your own horses or with leased horses.

We guarantee lots of impressive learning experiences and observations you never thought would even exist. Promised!

Highlights in Course 1

  • You will be introduced to intraspecific and interspecific  communication with and among horses
  • You will explore details about the horses senses and how they are connected to different brain structures
  • You will get a better understanding how horses learn and how they process information
  • You will get Try Outs for you and your horses at home and benefit from target oriented activities through video analysis
  • We will deal with the impacts of Single Line Lunging and discuss alternatives for systematic gymnastics
  • We will introduce to different places of impact around and close to the horse
  • Within the Live Online Training we will analyse your training and certain exercises with your horse
  • You will benefit from professional support while bringing the theory into the practical work with horses in your stable
  • You for sure gonna be amazed about the content and knowledge we will share with you
  • Your awareness and abilities for professional horsetraining from the horses point of view are being trained and improved
  • You learn a lot about yourself, how you react and act with horses and how you learn the best
  • You gain knowledge how to analyse the horses body language fact based through self analysis
  • You make new fiends and become part of an amazing beautiful team and a new generation of highly motivated young equestrians
  • You will get learning materials and write some fun tests
  • You will become a professional in using the first 4 steps of a full Training session with new horses you might take in training
  • We always provide enough time for your questions, every single question will be answered


Course 1 for adults: $850
Course 1 for students: $800*
Course 1 for professional trainers: $700

Excited to sign up?

Here are your Dates for your  EBEC Course 1 at your Computer

01/07/2022 Live Online Training from 10am-1pm PT (if you need another time of day – let us know)
01/08/2022 Live Online Training from 10am-1pm PT (if you need another time of day – let us know)
01/09/2022 Live Online Training from 10am-1pm PT (if you need another time of day – let us know)
01/28/2022 Live Online Training from 10am-1pm PT (if you need another time of day – let us know)
01/29/2022 Live Online Training from 10am-1pm PT (if you need another time of day – let us know)
01/30/2022 Live Online Training from 10am-1pm PT (if you need another time of day – let us know)

The Dates for your 3 Days Practical Phase Hands on horses with our Team will be discussed with you after you signed up.
Depending on the amount of participants and their location it could be we organize it at your stable or do it Live Online with you.


* Information on students discount:
Students of a University/College: For the student discount you must be enrolled in a university that requires you to acquire a grade or a state examination. Please send us a copy of your current student identification card and proof of enrollment with your booking.
High School Students and below: You must be attending a state-approved educational institution. Please send us a copy of your current student identification and enrollment with your booking.
Trainees/Apprentices: Must be enrolled in an education through a company or enterprise as an assistant or skilled worker that ends with a final examination or certificate. Please send us a copy of your verification with your booking.

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