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EBEC Course 4 builds upon the content of Course 3. In this Course we prepare you to send clear messages to your horse and to design clear guidelines, when practicing efficient and harmonious Horsetraining. We also prepare you to get the best results and we take care of all the potential boundaries you might face, when training young horses, prepare them for the first saddle, the first rider, the first rain and leg signals under the saddle. At the end of this Course you are able to start young horses from scratch and get them ready for any rider and any discipline, they might be used for. And the best: You gonna create mindful, perceptive, intelligent and highly intrinsic motivated horses, who everybody will love. That is especially important for show horses in dressage, jumping and hunterjumping.

Don’t worry if you at this moment of time, when you are reading this, don’t even want to ever work with young, green horses. Once you enter this Course, you will love it and we promise that you want more. The communication with young horses will simply enlighten you and give you so much more knowledge about how horses in general really process information. It is so different than what you might think it is at this moment of time. You need such little signals, it is so silent, so calm, so clear, that this experience in this course and the practical on-site-horse-event of this course will change your perspective towards horses and all other ways of training horses you might have seen in your live, forever.

The young, untrained horse has no previous information what we want them to do. They have no agenda which over-crosses our human agenda at all. A lot of our ideas don’t even make any sense whatsoever from a horses perspective. Even the first rounds in an arena or being led away from the herd, can be a big challenge for them. EBEC avoids stressful situations but always reaches the goals which are defined in the EBEC-PYRAMID. You learn how to educate in a way that you and your horses at all times feel safe and feel like a Team with you. A real Team, without excitement, but with clear understanding about how you slowly move out of the comfort zones, so the magic of Evidence Based Equine Communication kicks in. You will not measure stress from your experience or point of view or what you think how a stressed horse might look like. You will get the content created within our studies and the evidence how stress or discomfort looks like from the horses point of view. And Stress or Aggression does not look like whow most people think. You gonna be amazed.

Human Communication and basic psychology is again part in this Course, just a little deeper. The first touch, the first halter, the first feel of pressure, the first leading,, blankets, boots, farrier preparation as well as the first bridle – all is new for the horses we work in Course 4. You learn how to send to the horses brain the correct information, about desired physical responses, without causing a fear response. You will experience a new, soft approach that has never been there before and you will practice – with confidence.


  • Ways towards a better and neutral selff-reflection and self-awareness when around horses
  • Coaching Tools which can be used for better communication within your equestrian environment
  • Respectful communication with Trainers, Stable and Horse Owners, Clients
  • You practice a very successful way of communication to gain and preserve mutual appreciation
  • You practice nonviolent communication and understand nonverbal unconscious messages which horses send out without the capability of speaking
  • You learn about the 8 principles of EBEC and will be able to practice once dealing with horse behavior of any kind
  • Entry into teaching young, untrained and uneducated horses to prepare them for a life in a training stable under the saddle for every discipline of riding
  • Exercises for horses and thei physical fitness and how to adjust them according to the training goals


Course 4 for adults: $1,500
Course 4 for students: $1,350*
Course 4 for professional trainers: $1,250
Course 4 for BFF’s and family members: $1,300 for each person

The enrollments will start in December 2020 for the courses starting in Fall 2021.

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