EBEC Course program at Andrea Kutsch Academy:
Get to be the best horse trainer yourself

Are you a  horse expert, intermediate, or just a horse lover and want to extend your education further?

Do you want to avoid the misunderstandings between horses and humans and prevent any problematic behavior of a horse?

Do you want to be certain that your work with horses is based on seeing from their point of view?

Are you striving to further your evidence based knowledge about horse education/training?

Do you want to be able to train problematic horses and be able to share your gained knowledge with other people?

Do you want to be apart of a team lives by the same ethical rules as you do?

EBEC is exactly what you’re looking for!

Horse knowledge on a premium level

The EBEC courses combine what most horse enthusiasts are looking for.

EBEC gives you a unique; evidence based training method, which Andrea Kutsch Academy developed with multiple universities over a span 15 years.

There it began; an accepted bachelor program of horse communication was then created. This begins with our basic EBEC Courses.

If you want to have a professional career in the horse industry, our course program will give you the option to become a certified equine coach.

Customized Horse education

The four constructed blocks of our program is precisely coordinated and selected to focus on your individual areas. This gives you the opportunity to gain horse knowledge on a premium level.

Your progression through each coarse and program will be supported by our phenomenal team members. We will strive to give you the best support to successfully work with horses. The subjects are evidence based, transparently prepared, and one of a kind.

There you will have the opportunity to train harmonically with a horse and share your knowledge with others. You’ll see yourself as a horse therapist! Able to communicate in “horse language” and to permanently solve behavioral problems in a nonviolent way.

Achieve your goal block by block

Our course program is made out of four constructed blocks: 1. Basic Course2. Ground Course3. Training Course4. Problematic Horse Course.

Every course includes single training blocks: Introductory Block – Development Block – Conclusion Block.


Every training block includes two theoretical modules and one multi-day practice phase in one of our global AKA training stables. In our theoretical modules you will participate on location independently. You can catch up on missed modules for free. Due to didactical reasons the theoretical modules must be completed in order.

We promote individuality in each participant and encourage everybody to train on his or her own time. To guarantee excellence in our training method, we pursue and execute each goal, based on the individual. In the case of failing, our students are allowed to repeat every coarse needed to successfully reach the level of an equine coach (there could be additional costs involved).

Become the best horse trainer yourself

We’re more than happy to help with any personal conversation. Just call us right now to find the right program for you: +49-40-53267705.

The participation for the Basic Course Introductory Block costs 950,- $. Students, High School Students and below and Trainees/Apprentices pay 700,- Euro*.

The next dates for the Basic Course Introductory Block are:

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* Information on Discounts:
Students of a University/College: For the student discount you must be enrolled in a university that requires you to acquire a grade or a state examination. Please send us a copy of your current student identification card and proof of enrollment with your booking.
High School Students and below: You must be attending a state-approved educational institution. Please send us a copy of your current student identification and enrollment with your booking.
Trainees/Apprentices: Must be enrolled in an education through a company or enterprise as an assistant or skilled worker that ends with a final examination or certificate. Please send us a copy of your verification with your booking.


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