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EBEC Course program at Andrea Kutsch Academy:
Become your own horsetrainer

Are you already a horse expert, have an intermediate expertise or are you a horse enthusiast, horse lover and you want to extend your education and knowledge to the next level?

Do you want to avoid misunderstandings with horses and prevent problematic behavior of a horse?

Do you want to be certain that your work with horses is based on their point of view?

Are you striving for improvement of the wellbeing  of your horse in education and training?

Do you want to be able to train problematic horses and be able to share your knowledge with other people?

Do you want to be a part of a global team which is working with a unique methodology based in facts and science from the horses point of view?

If you say yes to those questions, than this unique EBEC Course Program is made just for you.


The EBEC course program offers 9 courses in total which can booked separately and can be taken one after the other.

You start with course 1, if you like it and you are as enthusiastic about the new content as thousands of people in Europe, than you decide, when the time comes that you want to join course 2. Take it one step at a time.

Every course is structured the same way:

You join 6 Live Online Training sessions, each takes 3 hours at your computer at home or wherever you might be. You don’t need special computer skills. You just need a smartphone, a tablet, laptop or computer – and we take care of the rest. If you miss a live Online Training for any reason, don’t worry about it. We will either record it for you or you will join it next time. No worries.

After the Live Online Training session you will participate in an optional amazing 3 days practical hands on horses event together with us, the AKA Team, the certified EBEC Trainers and EBEC Instructors as well as several horses of different training levels and challenges. We organize it, you will have the best time with horses and EBEC and you will see live how efficient, harmonious and beautiful it is. Horses love EBEC. If you can’t make it, no worries. We got you covered. We will provide Videos from the event, you can log in live from your computer and you can safe the days and put them all together for a later point of time. That’s why it is optional, so you an safe them, join later and still be able to book the next course, in this case it would be course 2.

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The EBEC Courses combine what a lot of riders, experts and trainers are looking for. There is a lack of available education from the horses point of view. A lack of secured evidence based knowledge and standards as well as a reliable secured certification program, which AKA provides especially to the equestrian horse industry in the USA.

We share with you an evidence based methodology for communication and training of horses which was developed in over 14 years in cooperation with universities and the biggest studs and breeding facilities in the world.

Horses have a different perception than what most people think. They store information through the senses and it is highly important that we as people who deal with them and have to teach them, understand how they process information. Their system is highly developed for protection and it is our duty to share with you insides you wouldn’t imagine are really processed that way. We promise: You gonna be amazed and thrilled and it will change your way of communicating with horses forever.

The information we will share with starting with course 1 will give you a lot of advantages compared to other trainers, riders and horse owners. Especially as you will learn how to feed the horses brain with the correct information. The best way with young horses is to do it right in the first place. Than you prevent problems and misunderstandings. As a matter of fact you are not feeding the emotional system, the unconscious brain cells with fear responses, you feed them with knowledge about reading signals the right way so they are able to give the desired behavioral responses. The responses you are looking for.

You will be impressed when you hear about a new point of view on the learning theories, how to reward and how to reject an offered behavioral response from the horse to a stimulus and you will be excited to involve AKA’s body language horse vocabulary into your day-today-training. You will be able to interpret every gesture of the horse correctly and in time. You become a wonderful team partner for your horse, helping it to find calm ways of exchanging information with humans. It is a magic journey.

We promote individuality in each participant and encourage everybody to train on his or her own time. To guarantee excellence in our training methodology evidence based equine communication, we pursue and execute each goal, based on the individual. In the case of failing, our students are allowed to repeat every coarse needed to successfully reach the level of an EBEC Trainer if they choose to join the certification program and take exams, which are voluntary. You can join all courses without taking an exam and just use the knowledge for you and your own horse. But you also can choose to become a certified EBEC Trainer or even an EBEC Instructor and learn how to teach our courses.

Become the best horse trainer yourself, start your journey with step 1

We’re more than happy to help with any personal conversation. Just send us an email and we will call you right back:

Excited to sign up?

Here are your Dates for your  EBEC Course 1 at your Computer

01/07/2022 Live Online Training from 10am-1pm PT (if you need another time of day – let us know)
01/08/2022 Live Online Training from 10am-1pm PT (if you need another time of day – let us know)
01/09/2022 Live Online Training from 10am-1pm PT (if you need another time of day – let us know)
01/28/2022 Live Online Training from 10am-1pm PT (if you need another time of day – let us know)
01/29/2022 Live Online Training from 10am-1pm PT (if you need another time of day – let us know)
01/30/2022 Live Online Training from 10am-1pm PT (if you need another time of day – let us know)

The Dates for your 3 Days Practical Phase Hands on horses with our Team will be discussed with you after you signed up.
Depending on the amount of participants and their location it could be we organize it at your stable or do it Live Online with you.



Course 1 for adults: $850
Course 1 for students: $800*
Course 1 for professional trainers: $700

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