Improve your communication with horses and gain new information about them

In our horse communication seminars and  educational programes, we connect with a wide range of people. Some are in the horse industry, equestrian sports riding, and others enjoy the simple pleasure of riding.  We even cater to people that are just fascinated by horses and want to understand them better.

Anyone can benefit from our scientific based communication method which we teach in our educational courses at AKA. Due to our extraordinary training method, EBEC has an enormous increase of our students performance.

It doesn’t matter if it’s only a hobby or if it’s to begin a new professional career.

What is scientific based horse communication?

The language of a horse is more sensitive than humans have ever understood before. Tests show that horses learn differently than humans do thus resulting in analyzing our actions and adapting to them.

Observing and training from the horses perspective guarantees succesful learning  without stress on the horse.

Various facts of horse psychology and horse behaviour brings transparency and reliability which we have executed and now teach in our horse communication seminars and courses. You’ll become a empathetic expert of the non verbal and  violent communication of horses.

Use the perspective of a horse to train them

Scientific based facts on a horses behaviour is needed if we want to progress our understanding of them. At AKA we teach with modern theories and practice the most affected ways to execute them.

Through this process we’re able to avoid missunderstandings and problems with horses, which can be caused by the horses diffrent way of learning.

Knowing the basics of our method, you will be able have a horst wait on your signals instead of risking any defensive behaviours of a horse.

The new form of horse training gives you saftey

The study results on the horses brain are very important to train them in a harmonious, calm and and profounding way. When you analyze the memory functions of a horse you’ll realize quickly how many mistakes can be made by training or educating them. Most importantly, it is nearly impossible for a horse to understand what we actually trying to say. Horses will benefit with your new knowledge about their language and you can then create a strong bond between you and the horse you work with.

Understand horse behaviour and become a horse professional

In our horse communication seminars (1-Day-Horse-Seminars, 2-Day-Horse-Seminars) you’ll receive sound scientific based study results prepared in easy to understand presentations supported by vivid footage as well as a practical demonstration on a horse (at the 2-Day-Horse-Seminars).

As part of the courses and dedicated online lessons with Andrea Kutsch and our horse instructors, (Certified Equine Coaches) the knowledge is constantly expanded and deepened. Scientists review and accompany the content that we have carefully compiled and transmitted.

The renowned training method EBEC (Evidence Based Equine Communication) was developed more than 10 years of research work within the AKA. It is a worldwide unique training method for horses, based on sound scientific results from the horse’s perspective. At AKA we teach, practice, and live by professionalism and enthusiasm.

Your new knowledge & new possibilities

You decide what you do with the valuable knowledge from the successive horse trainings. You can still consider horses as a beautiful, fulfilling hobby.

Or you pursue a career with horses.

Evidence-based horse communication keeps all your options open. You can integrate them into almost all areas of young horse training, horse training, equestrian sports, horse whispering, natural horsemanship, ground work, loading training, equestrian, sports horse training, training for horses with special needs, in case of problems with the horse and with many more tasks.

Accordingly, the use of what you learn in AKA is independent of your prior knowledge, your riding style and your goals.


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