Our renowned groundwork course is more than a mere building block in our course program. It forms the competent foundation needed to apply qualified supervision and maintain the health of the horse during training.

The course allows students to immerse themselves in the art and science of interspecific communication and to apply learning theories with live horses. In the groundwork course, we cover not only the EBEC method and theory along with groundwork drills with young, untrained horses, but we also start coaching the person as well. The coaching content reflects one’s own behavior, resulting in an improvement in the way one behaves in the environments and contexts in which one sends information. Whether it’s with horses or people. This course will make it more than clear that “the receiver determines the meaning of the message.”

Our groundwork course is suitable for anyone who has completed the basic course, whether they’ve passed the exam or not. Students can also go through our entire course program without taking any exams.
However, in order to become licensed as an equine coach, all exams must be completed with passing grades. These are required for entering into a cooperation agreement with us as an equine coach.

The groundwork course is structured exactly like our other progressive courses: three individually bookable blocks, each with two theoretical modules and one optional practical phase.

After completing our groundwork course, you will be able to:

  • Work in accordance with the principles of EBEC and teach these principles to others.
  • Judge the behavior of horses, assess their level of progress and determine the next appropriate stage of learning in order to achieve the performance goals of the owner.
  • Apply interspecific communication with horses and lead them on a double longe line
  • Provide effective solutions to problems with trained horses and horses with physiological issues.
  • Create training plans and communicate them to both humans and horses.
  • Analyze and understand the behavior of horses on the grounds of psychological and physiological principles.
  • Provide and explain high-level performance demonstrations on live horses.
  • Modify and customize drills to meet the needs of different horses.
  • Implement groundwork with a wide variety of horse professionals and be optimally prepared to start our training course. In this course, students work with young, untrained horses right up to the breaking process.

Once you have completed the groundwork course, you can apply to take our optional exam. Completing the exam with a passing grade is a requirement for entering into a cooperation agreement with us as an equine coach.


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