Angela Ziegenfuss

Question: How did you find out about AKA and its training program for Equine Coaches?

At the time of the horse whisper, I was interested in the work of Monty Roberts and became aware of Andrea Kutsch. I followed her career from her location in Schleswig-Holstein, Bad Saarow, and continued to the course system. But also on television and the Internet.

Question: What was your first impression of AKA when you started the training?

Most of all, I felt that the content was conveyed with pleasure to the course participants. I immediately felt welcome in the AKA.

Question: What motivated you to take the first step?

For a long time I have been looking for a way that suits me to work with horses. The information that I collected for me in advance was and is certain that I found this by training at AKA. I gained more clarity by attending an information evening[like orientation]. I don’t regret a single moment since I started the training. I feel like it’s “home” for me.

Question: What sets AKA apart in the worldwide horse industry?

The intensive training and the scientifically based content.

Question: How did AKA make a difference in your life and how did it change it?

In many areas. Especially learning the content in the field of psychology & coaching, it is now possible for me, in difficult situations, to remain emphatic with my counterpart and not immediately feel personally attacked. This was not always possible for me before. My self-esteem has increased more and more throughout the entire training.

Question: How did AKA help you achieve your goals both professionally and privately?

By training as an Equine Coach, AKA helps me to make my life long dream of turning my hobby into a profession, in a way that allows me to do it with the utmost conviction without “if’s” “ands” or “but’s”.

Question: What does it take to be part of AKA?

Will, ambition, and passion.

Question: To what extent does AKA also live traditional disciplines and concepts of the horse industry?

The training methods are applicable to all disciplines. Due to the fast training progress this is therefore also very economically effective.

Question: Can EBEC also be integrated on the saddle for all riding-rich disciplines?

In any facet, EBEC can be integrated into equestrian disciplines.

Question: What do you love most about AKA?

Feeling a sense of belonging to something from the first moment I began.


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