Wild mustang experience in California, USA

Have a unique experience with wild mustangs and understand what you can learn from the horses to carry on in your life.

These mustangs are controlled in a free range area and have have never been touched by a human. All of which are avoiding contact due to being skepticism or are too anxious to approach.

From these noble animals we can learn details of the interspecific communication, which can also be transferred to our everyday life.

When we observe how wild horses successfully decode and assign meaning to gestures and signals, we realize how little pressure and clarity is needed to communicate successfully. Yes with horses but with humans as well.

This insight opens our eyes to people and gives us a completely new understanding of the unwritten rules of harmonious coexistence. This can give our lives a whole new purpose.

With the Wild Mustang Experience we address two groups with different previous knowledge, which the content is adapted to:
1. “Normal” people with or without horse experience who want to get involved in a completely different yet dynamic experience.
2. Participants of the AKA courses who have completed at least the Ground Course Introductory Block.

Of course, adventure, recreation, relaxation and enjoyment are not forgotten. Since Andrea Kutsch has been living in California for some time, she is the ideal travel guide who will introduce you to some of her insider tips.

Currently we are planning the first Mustang experience to be scheduled in the beginning of 2020.

If you are interested, please register below in our mailing list so that we can inform you when it becomes more concrete.

Your entry is not binding and there are no costs.

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