Our partnerships are satisfying for humans and horses

There are three ways to benefit from the AKA training program. You can easily learn for yourself and your horse to take a horse-centered perspective and enter into a dialogue with the horse that inspires both sides equally. To achieve this goal, there are more than just entry-level events. You can take part in the entire course program without any certification or exam, just for yourself at your own pace and thirst for knowledge.

If you feel like doing more, then you can also take the optional exams and get certified as an Equine Coach or even an Equine Master Coach. You join in our annual congresses, receive international support from AKA and, if necessary, also serve as faculty members of AKA. If you enjoy it, you can profit economically and possibly seek a career as a professional trainer in the horse industry.

The third option is to become a partner company of the Andrea Kutsch Academy. You have the location, you have the content, you want to teach our AKA seminars and are fully supported by us for your special area. We at AKA would like to work closely with you, not just with you as a person, but with your whole business. For training courses, equestrian tournaments, seminars, congresses, and everything that we as partners devise together.

The prerequisite for becoming an AKA Partner Company is having taken part in the course program. More information can be found here.

If you have any questions, please use our contact form.

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