Einklang zwischen Leistungsbereitschaft und Leistungsvermögen

In order to get the highest potential in a horse’s performance, an intrinsic motivation is necessary. With the help of EBEC you will be able to produce a practical increase in performance and a better coordination between you and your horse. You will reach the horse on a self-motivating level, set new standards, gain acceptance, and create solutions to communicational problems. The latest scientific finding on the horse’s brain involves processing information and their learning process. This provides valuable information that has a significant impact on the training of sport horses and in particular on competition, preparation. and presentation.

For professional show riders we have a special coaching coarse that focuses exclusively on your sport. Stemming from a horse-centered perspective there can be conflicts at a competition, the work place, or in the exam itself but can be quickly dispelled. I may also decide over victory or defeat. We offer a personal training with you and your horse. No issues have to be present; EBEC is performance enhancing and can excellently support you and your horse on common interspecific basis all the while processing information on a mutual and competent level. Regardless of the discipline layers you practice; competitive sports or regularly participated competitions. We are responsible for tweaking between your aids and the signals the horse receives and implements. The horse must be able to distinguish the finest signals from each other to understand then implement clearly. We are your partner when it comes to striving to the top of your sport. Send us your request. Andrea Kutsch personally is available for this coaching as well as the Equine Master Coach Lara Hoffmann. We’ll discuss details with you in a personal conversation and look forward hearing from you.

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