Our Training Courses I and II are a cornerstone for successful horse training, prepping horses for sport and for one’s own career path in the horse industry.

Training Course I builds upon the foundational skills and information taught in our foundation and groundwork courses. In Training Course I, students work increasingly with untrained horses which need to learn new behaviors and understand communication in order to function well in their lives. Everything is new: their first halter, being led for the first time, their first saddle. You’ll be responsible not only for the horse, but also the coaching of people. Person-to-person content is much more of a priority in this course. The AKA will be there along the way to support you in your personal journey toward becoming an experienced horse trainer and coach. Most students at the Training Course I level are pursing certification as an equine coach.
For this reason, we place considerable emphasis on achieving excellence in this course. It doesn’t matter how long it takes any particular student. This is the beginning of a journey of personal development in which the AKA’s equine coach standards are first impressed upon students through hands-on application with live horses and worked toward in a community of highly motivated learners.

During Training Course I, students have the option of selecting a focus option other than that of horse trainer. More information about this is available under our specializations section.

In order to become licensed as an equine coach, all exams must be completed with passing grades. Passing the Training Course I exam is a requirement for entering into a cooperation agreement with us.

Training Course II provides graduates of Training Course I with more in-depth content concerning horse training and the horse industry. However, you don’t need to have already passed all the Training Course I exams or already be a certified equine coach to take this course.
The most important criteria for participating in Training Course II are the desired to constantly improve and a genuine interest in horse training with EBEC. We’ll be there to help you along the way in every way we can.

Training Course II covers the topics of training and breaking horses, as well as coaching and training horse owners, covered in Training Course I, in much more depth. The course also introduces new content concerning interspecific and intraspecific communication with new and more advanced ethograms. Interesting and valuable information on topics such as horse care, veterinary medicine, differences in the training of mares and stallions, as well as working with yearlings and foals, is also included.

If you’re interested in continuing to develop and refine your skills and knowledge on your way to becoming an equine coach, this is the right course for you. The constant interaction with our coaches and training partners with examples, demonstrations, video analysis and the independent training units with live horses create the optimal conditions for training.

Training Course II also consists of three individually bookable blocks, each with two theoretical modules and one optional practical phase. The course is optional and does not require you to sign up for the Training Course I exam.

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