The AKA offers training services to become a professional horse trainer for qualified breeders, riding instructors, stable owners and competition riders in any discipline. These services will enable you to integrate the EBEC method into your normal work, to improve your handling of horses, and to acquire science-based knowledge of how horses process information in order to motivate them to achieve high levels of performance. EBEC is suitable for all equine disciplines. The method can also teach you communication skills for working with clients, students and employees that will improve how you interact with people in general.

Our training course program offers an optimally progressive structure for those dreaming of working in the horse industry and turning their hobby into a career, as well as for those looking to make a career switch or simply learn more about their horse. Regardless of experience level or the number of horses a student owns or has ridden, our one-of-a-kind training program and the method we promote are new to all who participate. Our program provides knowledge that can be gained in no other educational institution in the horse industry. EBEC offers unimagined possibilities and remarkable levels of success when applied to horses, as well as providing improvements in self-development for our students through integrated coaching and psychological course contents.

In the end, it’s our students and graduates who make the Academy so unique.

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Since 1999, AKA founder Andrea Kutsch has been focused on the goal of developing a science-based training method and establishing an academy where she could impart this method and techniques to others in a teachable format.
The result is an efficient and impressive training and communication method that assumes a horse-centric perspective, along with a high-quality training program that features a certification process for those interested in pursuing a professional career in the horse industry.
Horse enthusiasts who want to benefit from a training program need to be able to trust in the validity of the method employed. They need to be assured that their trainer isn’t simply teaching from their own opinion or personal experience and that approaching training from a horse-centric perspective is a verified method which can be applied to all horses with successful results, regardless of the breed or intended use of the horse.
Likewise, those looking to learn a method for professional reasons need to be assured that the training program they have chosen is going to open the door to a sustainably successful career path. The training program offered by the AKA is unparalleled in its reliability.


EBEC is taught using a building block system. This means that the course program progresses in a meaningful way. Individual training blocks, which can be booked individually, are built upon each other, allowing you to improve incrementally within a larger, flexible framework. The five main building blocks of the program are summarized in the EBEC pyramid. The horse’s psychological and physiological constitution combined with interspecific communication and the horse-centric application of theories of learning creates an interplay of elements that brings about top performance through the power of mutual understanding.


All AKA seminars, courses and learning services are based on established and tested curricula whose content is backed up by, and verifiable through, scientific studies. All instructional content, even when it’s taught by our equine coaches, is recognized, approved and constantly revised by Andrea Kutsch and her academic team. We strive to ensure global quality assurance through our equine coaches. Our annual conferences are just one of the ways we do this.


The foundation of EBEC is the result of over 10 years of scientific work. The method is the most modern means of communicating with, and training, horses. EBEC courses contain coaching tools for people which are taught by psychologists in our training course program and go hand-in-hand with the course content concerning horses. Both are equally important. This is how we assure in the long term that horses don’t become problematic and that those with phobias no longer require therapy. If from the very start we approach horses from a horse-centric perspective using EBEC, while combining what we know about the mind, instincts and behavior of horses with classical and effective theories of learning, we can eliminate nearly all opportunities for misunderstanding during the learning process.


With the help of online media, the AKA has created a digital classroom where discussions, classroom-style teaching, video analysis, presentations, educational games, and practical exercises with horses can be hosted. We’ve made everything so easy to learn online that you can participate in our training course program from anywhere in the world. After completing the individual blocks of the program, you’ll have the opportunity to attend a free, multi-day practical phase. There you’ll be able to meet Andrea Kutsch in person and/or watch one of our equine coaches apply EBEC on a live horse. Under the supervision of an equine coach, you too can practice using EBEC on live horses. The stud farms and locations used for the practical phase have been carefully selected in accordance with our curricula and provide the optimal conditions for learning with horses of all ages, origins, and intended use.


Our training course program is supplemented with an optimal selection of documents, lecture notes, electronic materials, analysis papers, presentations and handouts. Our didactically effective, progressive system is the result of years of development and successful testing. As students complete blocks of the program and acquire increasing amounts of knowledge, the amount of materials that are made available to them also increases. We promote strong skills and reduce weak points in a gradual manner. At the end of the program, each student is in a position to meet the high quality standards required of equine coaches and to competently train horses of any discipline and age.


The AKA offers a special program for professional horse trainers who have already completed a training course to become a stablehand or “Pferdewirtschaftsmeister” (master of horse management), or who run a breeding farm or have established themselves in the world of competition riding. If you belong to this group and are interested in implementing this training program in your business, we’d be more than happy to send you more information.

A large part of our approach is about horse professionals continuing to develop and refine their skills, acquiring new knowledge, learning to reflect and continuously striving for the best possible results. The AKA’s training course program provides both professional and aspiring horse trainers with optimal conditions for learning. Our job is to instill a constant thirst for knowledge in each of our course participants, not to force them against their will. We consider it our duty to make each and every one of our equine coaches a lifelong learner.


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