For qualified, professional horse trainers, breeders, riding instructors, stable owners, sports riders of all categories, AKA offers an education for people who want to become a professional horse trainer. You can integrate the pure essence of EBEC into your traditional work, evolve on horseback, gain scientifically based certainty on processing information on horses to motivate them to a greater performance. EBEC is suitable for all equestrian disciplines. Likewise, you can learn skills in communicating with your customers, students, and co-workers that will enrich your dealings with people in general.

For all those who dream of becoming a professional in the horse industry whether it be turning the hobby into a profession, want to make a change, or just to enrich their knowledge about horses, this course program offers an optimal and content building structure for you. Regardless of how experienced or inexperienced you are, no matter how many horses you own or ride; All graduates start with a worldwide unique course program and a technique that is new to all. They gain insights that they do not receive in any other educational institution in the horse industry. EBEC offers unprecedented opportunities and amazing successes in a multitude of horse applications, as well as in personal development through integrated coaching and psychological training content.

Ultimately, it is the graduates who make this Academy so unique worldwide.

Catch the AKA spirit. Live the AKA lifestyle. Be an AKA professional.

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What awards the AKA

Since 1999, the AKA founder Andrea Kutsch has focused with professionalism, commitment and passion on the goal to develop a scientifically based training technique and to make it teachable in an Academy. The result is an efficient, impressive, and from the perspective of the horse. Using original training and communication technology combined with a high-quality education program that offers separate certification system for all, who would like to move professionally in the horse industry.

Horse enthusiasts who want to educate themselves must be able to rely on the accuracy and precision of this method. They need to be sure that their instructors not only share their own opinion or experience, that the approach is assured from the horse’s perspective and that it can be successfully applied to all breeds and actions. Similarly, those who are concerned with learning a method professionally must be certain that the chosen educational program will provide a long lasting, successful career path. The educational program offered at AKA is unparalleled in terms of trustworthiness in the equine world.


EBEC is taught in a so-called modular system. A structure that builds meaningful layers on top of one another which develops a block by block system, which are individually bookable. The modular system ensures progressive structuring of classes in a flexible framework. The 5 main components are summarized in the EBEC pyramid. The psychological and physiological condition of the horse, the interspecific communication, the horse-centered application of learning theories, an interaction that motivates to maximum performance through mutual understanding.


All seminars, courses and learning offers of AKA are based on established and tested curricula that are substantiated and proven by scientific studies. Even if you are instructed by Equine Coaches, all contents of Andrea Kutsch and her scientific team are recognized, approved, and constantly revised. We strive for global quality assurance, which is ensured, among other things, by the annual congresses of all Equine Coaches.

The EBEC system:

The foundation of EBEC has been developed for over 10 years of scientific work. It is the most modern form of communication and training of horses. The courses include coaching tools for people who are taught by psychologists in the course program and walk hand-in-hand with the content of the horse. Both are of equal importance. This ensures a long-term process that problem horses no longer arise and phobic horses no longer require therapy. If we encounter horses from the outset with EBEC or from the horse-center perspective, combining the knowledge on their brain, their instincts and their behavior with the horse-related classical and operant learning theories then misunderstandings in the learning process are almost completely eliminated.

The campus

AKA has created a modern “classroom” using state-of-the-art online media. From discussions, frontal lessons, video analysis, presentations, educational games and horse exercises; everything has been made so easy that you can participate in the course program online from anywhere. You have the opportunity, after completing the individual blocks to come to a so-called multi-day practice phase FREE of charge. You can watch Andrea Kutsch personally and/or Equine Coach in the application of EBEC on the horse or even gain experience under the guidance of an Equine Coach. The stud farms and sites have been carefully selected according to our curricula and offer the best learning environments for working with horses of different ages, descent and uses.

Study material:

The course program is optimally supported by documents, scripts, electronic material, analysis sheets, presentations, and handouts. We have developed a system that has been successfully tested over many years and has a didactically meaningful structure. With each completed block and the increasing ability of the graduates, the available material increases. We promote the strengths and reduce the weaknesses successively. In the end, everyone is able to meet the high quality standards of an Equine Coach and to competently train horses of every discipline and age.

Advanced education:

AKA offers a special professional program to professional horse trainers who have successfully completed an apprenticeship as fully qualified groom, run a breeding operation, or are successfully established in the sport as a tournament rider. If you are counting on this target group and are interested in implementing this training in your company, we will gladly send you further information.

It is a big part of our approach that professional horse specialists continue their education, acquire new knowledge, reflect and continuously strive for excellence. The program of the AKA offers optimal learning conditions for professional horse trainers as well as those who want to follow a professional path. AKA teaches every participant a thirst for further education. We do not see it as our task to enforce this attitude. But we see it as our duty that every Equine Coach remains an “eternal student” and a learner.


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