Become a host for events and trainings of AKA

Each host company was carefully selected by us (or vice versa). They have good equine conditions. Above all, they carry the desire in the heart to offer a special offer for their horses, employees, and adjusters.

Especially the professional studs want safety through knowledge. They count on the proven, performance-enhancing abilities of their sport horses, which were triggered and supported by the use of EBEC. Especially in our practical phases, we prepare your horses carefully for the requirements of the athletic career. This begins with haltering, preparing for the veterinarian, blacksmith, riding in, and the first rides under the saddle – before the horses make their way to a professional trainer.

Our worldwide network of guest establishments should continue to grow. We not only offer the introductory of our practice phases, but also boot camps, scientific congresses, special events, specific shooting and the training of difficult horses.

Do you want to become a host for AKA?

AKA is actively and continuously looking for new businesses whose owners are motivated by the use of EBEC to increase their own reputation and profitability.

As being apart of AKA Host Company you will receive discounts for training and seminar participation for your employees. The training of the horses in the guest enterprise, which is carried out by the AKA, is free of charge. We undertake the training of whole years with our highly motivated course participants.

If we have aroused your interest in discussing possibilities of cooperation, our German team is pleased to hear from you! you: For European or worldwide offers and cooperation please write to

We look forward to seeing you – catch the AKA spirit!


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