Horse training with Andrea Kutsch: learn how to understand your horse!

Horse training with Andrea Kutsch: learn how to understand your horse!

Does your horse challenge you during training?

Does your horse do something it shouldn’t do?

Is your young horse ready to ride – but you dont know how to begin the start process.

Does your horse have bad habits you’d like to retrain but you don’t know how?

Do you have a “problem-horse“ who causes your or your family difficulties?

Do you want to do ground work with your horse – ex> double lunge – and you need help getting started?

Do you want to improve your communication between horse and human?

Does your horse have problems with going in the trailer, runs away because it is scares easily, afraid your horse can’t be corrected, or doesn’t stand still with the farrier?

No problem! Becoming a horse whisperer on a new level, will in turn will make you a horse professional.

Solve horse problems with the base of EBEC

A problem with a horse is usually training. Through ignorance or the wrong method.

It doesn’t necessarily have something to do with you personally. It may be that you have already purchased the horse with the attachment to certain behavior and it is now just becoming prevalent.

Often, traditional methods have been instilled. Now a days highly bred modern horse’s simply can not understand many of the signals that humans send from their perspective. So you often end up in at a dead end. The horse and human no longer understand each other or just do not send and receive messages on the same frequency.

Horse training that is defined by the horse

In all these cases, we help to gently bring your horse and you together on a harmonious, trusting basis. In this process  you will intuitively understand which will result in having a long-lasting success together.

The basis of this activity is the worldwide unique scientifically based training method EBEC. The creator behind this holistic horse training method is horse whisperer named, Andrea Kutsch, the first instructor authorized by horse whisperer Monty Roberts, who has scientifically developed his methods and further developed them with EBEC.

Personal help from professional horse trainers

Even when you try by yourself on how to retrain or train your horse, you’ll probably won’t reach your goals. Therefore, we would like to help you expand your knowledge on horses. Furthermore we will assist you concretely in solving problems with your horse.

Step 1 (optional): E-mail us for a report on the horse’s problem or training goals that you would like to have and implement for your horse. If you like (optional and only if possible without putting yourself in danger), you can also send us a video. Then we can deal more intensively with your topic in advance.

Step 2: Please sign up for the next Basic Course Introductory Block. It’s an online course where you can easily participate at home. You will get to know the basics of EBEC, you will understand how your horse communicates with you and how you can answer them back from their prospective. This theory block includes 3 consecutive days. On each day, 3 hours of exciting teaching material that will take your understanding of the horse to a new level.

Step 3: After the theory phase you will come to one of our stables. Andrea Kutsch will peronally be there to train with you and your horse every day. This training by Andrea is free of charge. Additional costs are incurred only in resulting to „boxing“ costs to have your horse at this stable.

Step 4: Normally your goal is reached with step 3. If not or you’ve been inspired and want to acquire more horse knowledge, take the basic course development block and take part with your horse in another 4-day training phase with Andrea Kutsch.

In any case, training with your horse doesn’t bring any additional costs. You will continue your understanding oft he horse and your horse will benefit from that greatly!

Incidentally, if you do not want to bring your horse, we can also teach you how to work with your horse at home and you can practice with one of our horses.

EBEC fascinates everyone! Man and horse must learn together, therefore creates misunderstandings. We refute these misunderstandings by creating a strong connection between you and your horse. You will be thrilled including your horse.

Check here, when the next Basic Course Introductory Block starts!
Take part in this online course easily from home, later experience the horse training with Andrea Kutsch for free.

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