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AKA / Andrea Kutsch Akademie is the worldwide leading educational Institution of evidence based equine communication for riders of all levels and experts. Our aspiration is to create high quality and innovative ways to our course programs all the while keeping a true sense of excellence and dedication.

Our world renowned training method EBEC (Evidence Based Equine Communication) was developed with over 10 years of experiments and extensive research by Andrea Kutsch and her team. EBEC is a very special and unique method in handling horses.This method is based on scientific knowledge stemming from the perspective of a horse instead of our own. It brings horsetraining to a new level.

This scientific and communcational based training technique is taught with professionalism and enthusiasm. This is the core of what we practice, live and learn by. AKA provides you with many different seminars. The begining classes range any where from horse communcation, riding, boarding, and horse training.

Additionally you’re able to become a certified expert as an Equine Coach and Equine Master Coach. This helps to establish a professional and a modern standard to the horse industry.

Everybody is able to learn EBEC (Evidence Based Equine Communication) – Time to discover AKA!

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