The AKA | Andrea Kutsch Academy is the world’s leading educational institution for current and aspiring horse lovers. Our reputation stands for first-class training, high quality standards, innovation, academic excellence, and dedication. The renowned EBEC (Evidence Based Equine Communication) training technique is the result of over 10 years of development work at AKA and is the world’s only approach to training horses based on sound scientific findings from a horse-centric perspective.

This science-based approach to training and communicating with horses is what we teach, practice, and live with professionalism and passion. The AKA trains the equine coaches and master coaches that go on to establish the modern professional standards used in the horse industry. The insights we’ve gained about horses from EBEC continue to be developed and refined at the AKA.

Through our expert equine coaches, we make the knowledge we have gained available to all horse professionals and horse owners, regardless of the equestrian discipline or use of the horse.

We make dreams come true. Start pursuing yours today with the AKA!

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