The world’s first science-based training and communication technique is founded on 50 million years of evolutionary development of the horse and 10 years of EBEC development.

The Andrea Kutsch course program is designed to make sure that individual, essential steps are learned and professionally internalized in accordance with the EBEC pyramid before students move on to the next level of horse training. We begin by cultivating an understanding that horses must first be in a psychological and physiological position to pursue goals set for them and a learning situation is created which will serve as the foundations of success.

Once this has been achieved, we turn to applying interspecific communication, a process native to the field of zoosemiotics and dependent on research conducted in the fields of biology and behavioral research.

The EBEC training method can’t be reduced to a round pen approach and is not comparable to techniques that come from the horse whispering era. The horse is both a sender and receiver of messages. The crux of establishing mutual understanding between human and horse, therefore, is the potential encoding and decoding of gestures and signals. Since every form of conditioning is built upon this exchange of information, it’s essential to understand and use the horse’s interspecific communication potential to its fullest. Only then can the learning process begin.

Our introductory events provide an initial overview of the course contents. The basic course in our course program covers the entirety of this content with an introductory block, a development block, and an intensification block. The course program features a meaningful structure, with courses building upon one another. The basic course is followed by a groundwork course, a training course with specialization sections, and a phobia course.

The essence of the course program is designed to guarantee that our equine coaches are able to work with horses of any age, intended use or equine discipline. EBEC does not produce random results that are true of some horses but not of others. Equine coaches can reliably assess a horse’s abilities and potentials for learning. They are also capable of explaining these points, for example, to stable personnel and trainers in order to guarantee long-term, sustainable progress.

EBEC is not just a Trainingmethod and it can’t be compared with other riding or training or horsewhisperer techniques. The horse in EBEC is a sender and receiver of codes and signals. The “translation” of the nonverbal signals which you are sending, happens in the Horses brain which transfers the information into physical actions and activities. Input controls output. In the educational program of AKA you get the knowledge which signals are responsible for which output. You are able to see the Horses point of view. You understand the brain of the horse and what you have to do that the output matches your expectations without any misunderstandings. Building up from there means classical and operant conditioning can occur. You and the horse are calm, receptive of information as you have a mutual understanding based on science.

You can book this program level by level and keep going as long as you don’t have enough. We guarantee if you are a real horselover, you never get enough. We love to understand horses better and better every day and each study makes us better horsepeople tomorrow than we are today. That’s why these courses have level you can book step by step. Start right here with the Basicourse and the introductory block to get started.

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