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The AKA’s training courses began as a German language program. Starting in 2017, our program will also be offered in English. This allows us to communicate to the international audience of horse trainers who attend our annual scientific conferences. It’s important to us that our equine coaches and equine master coaches continue to develop and supplement the knowledge they have acquired. EBEC’s scientific basis means that we are able to continuously incorporate new content from universities all over the world conducting research that has a positive impact on our horse-centric approach. This combined knowledge is then transferred to our equine coaches.

Being a part of a worldwide community is a highly motivating experience, and the connection to like-minded horse trainers and the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas is a true inspiration. Even graduates of our basic course can connect with equine coaches around the world. This gives rise to a valuable synergistic effect. The AKA brings people from all over the world together who value the well being of horse, trainer, and owner in equal measure.

Today we offer boot camps in the United States for extraordinarily talented horse trainers. These boot camps teach the use of EBEC on wild, unhandled mustangs, as well as the application of the course’s communicative coaching content within the group of participants. EBEC is about what works for horse and human. It’s not just a training and communication technique, it’s a lifestyle.


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