Be a successfull Horse professional – in a global community

The course program of the AKA began in German and will be available in English from 2017 onwards. We are addressing a worldwide group of international horse trainers, who meet at our annual scientific congresses. It is important to us that Equine Coaches and Equine Master Coaches continuously develop new acquired knowledge. The scientific basis of EBEC also means that we are constantly incorporating new content from worldwide universities that positively influence our horse-centered approach. We pass on this bundled knowledge to our Equine Coaches.

Being part of a global community is highly motivating on the one hand, but on the other hand, the connection and exchange with like minded horse trainers is truly inspiring. Even as a graduate of the basic course, you can connect with an Equine Coach worldwide. This allows valuable synergies to be exploited and combined. The AKA brings people together worldwide who care about the welfare of horses, trainers, and owners alike.

Already today, we offer exceptional talent for the opportunity to participate in a boot camp hosted in the United States. The camp includes the use of EBEC on wild, untouched Mustangs as well as the application of communicative coaching content within the participating group. EBEC is solution-oriented – for horses and humans. It’s not just a training and communication technique – it’s a lifestyle.

Catch the AKA spirit. Live the AKA lifestyle. Be an AKA professional.


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