We offer you a vocabulary book for better communication with horses

The knowledge of horses that we have gained over the years, we provide this information and have made it learnable for everyone. We translate the scientific results of many studies in easy-to-understand language, transfer them to horse practice and we never look isolated at horse behavior. We always involve the people. Therefore, our training in horse communication, horse behavior, education and training also includes psychological foundations. Only if the person is self-reflective, and observes the environment without evaluating it, he/she can help themselves and other horse owners. Providing solutions for any difficulties with a horse. Seen holistically, that would be the right formulation. Have fun watching our presentation video.

Did you get curious to get to know AKA better?

Are you excited about what you have just seen? You can even learn from us to communicate with horses in small gestures invisible to the outside world. You can become a certified Equine Coach and help other people avoid misunderstandings with their horses. Every great movement begins with the first step. We are looking forward to you.

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