EBEC Course – 2. Ground course:
Learn evidence-based groundwork and coaching

The evidence-based groundwork begins building a foundation for professional guidance, training, and keeping the horses healthy. In this course you will receive the necessary knowledge of behavior patterns and the right training techniques.

We’ll teach you how horses think so that you’ll be able to understand a horse and reach them in their emotional part of the brain. This is why our theories are based on the behavioristic research we’ve done with the horses. We will go even more in depth throughout the coarse. We will dive into more exercises to create clarity with the young and untrained horses as well as groundwork.

Since you will be in contact with humans through the groundwork exercise, we’ll also provide you with extensive information on coaching. We’ll enable you the opportunity to reflect your own actions. The result: Your ability to send information adapted to the environment and context. You will become a communication expert, not only with horses but with horse owners and other humans at the stables as well.

Growing into the understanding of a horse

After the graduation of the ground course

  • Fully work with the method of EBEC and transfer your knowledge to other people.
  • Evaluate a horses behavior, create new learning levels to satisfy your aspiring goals in coaching horses and their owners.
  • Communicate with horses in an interspecific way, do ground work, gymnastics and conditioning the horse.
  • Creating effective solutions for problems with trained horses as well as with physiological answers.
  • Create understandable training plans for horses and their owners.
  • Analyze the behavior of horses and understand them based on the psycho- and physiological principles.
  • Present and explain a demonstration on a horse on a high level.
  • Modify exercises for horses and adapt them to their needs.

The next step on your way to a professional horse trainer

The whole ground course – as all of our AKA courses – is based on an introductory block, a development block and a conclusion block. After every block we will invite you to a four-day practice phase for FREE!

We go through the practice phase to deepen your knowledge in many subjects with copious amounts of exercises with the horse. Our coaches will support you in every aspect and provide valuable tips to use at home.

In the groundwork practice course you’ll experience the work with young and untrained horses, which have yet to be prepared for their everyday life.

Highlights in the Introductory Block

  • Fitness and exercise of human and horse
  • Demands from pleasure to competition horses
  • Introduction to physiology and anatomy
  • Creating training plans
  • Growth in double lunge work and gymnastic
  • Psychological and Coaching contents to be able to communicate in an appropriate way with “difficult“ horse owners and trainers in every aspect to achieve efficient cooperation on both sides
  • Ways to reflect yourself

Highlights in the Development Block

  • Extending your knowledge on theories and conditioning horses
  • Development in leadership to handle horses carefully
  • Develop flexibility in your training to react to unexpected things in a professional way
  • Finding Problems and Solutions in case something goes wrong in training
  • Preventative workshops to be prepared for uncontrollable situations and accidents
  • Learning tasks that will give you answers to critical questions from outside parties in a competent and expedient way
  • Practice exercises for optimized, effective, and responsible groundwork

Highlights in the Conclusion Block

  • First aid and emergency medicine on a horse
  • How to recognize common disease patterns
  • Herd behavior and interpreting the actions of a horse and transfer it into goal oriented horse education
  • Using a ethogram to explain aggression, defense, and conflict behavior to acquire knowledge of their daily life style.
  • Specific training exercises with the horse, to use the basics of the horse-centric-perspective theories and practicing yourself
  • Knowledge tests to successfully prepare for the optional Ground Course exam

Participation and costs

This course is for everybody who already finished the basic course. A successfully concluded exam in the basic course is not necessary. (You’re able to do the whole course program without taking any tests).

If you plan on being an equine coach later on, you would have to take all the exams to get a cooperation contract with us so that we can fully support you as an equine coach.

The participation for the Ground Course Introductory Block costs 1.900,- $. Students, High School Students and below and Trainees/Apprentices pay 1.350,- Euro*.

The participation for the Ground Course Development Block costs 1.900,- $. Students, High School Students and below and Trainees/Apprentices pay 1.350,- Euro*.

The participation for the Ground Course Conclusion Block costs 1.900,- $. Students, High School Students and below and Trainees/Apprentices pay 1.350,- Euro*.

* Information on Discounts:
Students of a University/College: For the student discount you must be enrolled in a university that requires you to acquire a grade or a state examination. Please send us a copy of your current student identification card and proof of enrollment with your booking.
High School Students and below: You must be attending a state-approved educational institution. Please send us a copy of your current student identification and enrollment with your booking.
Trainees/Apprentices: Must be enrolled in an education through a company or enterprise as an assistant or skilled worker that ends with a final examination or certificate. Please send us a copy of your verification with your booking.


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